Nure-onna (ぬれ女) “wet woman” (alternate name Nure-yomejo) looks like a reptile with a snake-like body and a woman’s head. Nure-onna tends to be a combination of sea serpent and vampire. She roams open waters such as oceans, rivers, and lakes, searching for her prey: humans and their blood. She is found in the regions of Kyushu, Niigata and Fukushima. It is said that nure-onna is married to or closely associated with ushi-oni, and they work together as a team. Nure-onna hands her baby off to innocent strangers, then walks into the sea and disappears. The baby becomes incredibly heavy so that the victim cannot move. Ushi-oni then comes out of the water to attack and they feed on the prey together. –Marianne Hartzell

Yōkai in Context