In fall semester of 2018, students in Jack Stoneman’s Introduction to Japanese Culture class completed an annotation project for Bakemono no e. Each student was assigned one bakemono to research and annotate with historical background, features, and behaviors. Images of the bakemono along with annotations were posted to the Ten Thousand Rooms project, a collaborative workspace for pre-modern textual studies developed at Yale University. These annotations were further edited and re-worked to become an article on Wikipedia, with the assistance of Rachel Helps of the Harold B. Lee Library. Students also updated, corrected, and expanded existing information related to individual bakemono on Wikipedia. The Bakemono no e article and other work done by BYU students on Wikipedia has since been viewed over 1.5 million times by people around the globe. Below are descriptions for each of the thirty-five bakemono, written by BYU students. For more detailed descriptions, and sources cited, please see the project on Ten Thousand Rooms or the Wikipedia page.